Author Ronald A. Train explores Christianity and faith in his books, Without Absolutes, God is not God, The Bridge to Eternal Life, and A Walk with Paul Through Cultural Minefields.

 Without Absolutes, God is not God: An Anthology of Reflections is a collection of essays which are essentially about God’s absolutism and how Christians should respond to it.

 The Bridge to Eternal Life seeks, in an Australian context, to provide assurance to the reader about eternal life. To achieve this, the book investigates the evidence for eternal life from the Bible and contrasts such evidence with nonbiblical sources.

 With A Walk with Paul Through Cultural Minefields, develop a better understanding of the minefields faced by the 21st century church and learn how to navigate them with God’s help.

 Delve into their pages and embark on a journey that will enrich your spiritual life.